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  • Saturday May 6th: Route 1.  East route – from Maenclochog with extra loop to Newport and Dinas for Paul Ties 130 (53 miles)
  • Sunday May 7th: Route 2. West route – full Skoda 60 route from Crug Glas (63 miles)


Saturday 6th of May – 9:30am Maenclochog car park by the derelict Castle Hotel
Sunday 7th of May – 9:30am Crug Glas Cow Shed Car Park

We will be riding of tour route and anyone wishing to join us is welcome to do so providing that they agree that they do so entirely at their own risk.

All Ride Outs will be led by Jim Elliott. If you cannot attend on the day or are going to be late please ring or text Jim before 09:00 to let him know (jim@pembrokeshireactive.co.uk, 07867 538182). Please also check the web site, Facebook page and your emails before you set off on the morning of your ride for any last minute information concerning the ride and in particular the weather. If the weather is forecast to be very poor we may cancel Ride Outs at short notice but will do our best not to.

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The Routes

Route 1. Eastern Ride Out Route – Full

This ride is for riders intending to do the Paul Ties 130 and Mavic 80 routes. We will ride the Bluestone loop that riders on the Paul Ties 130 route will ride twice. Riders on the Mavic 80 will cover all of it bar about five miles.

Route 2. Full Skoda 60 Mile route

Route 3. Western Ride Out – western end from Crug Glas

Route 4. Western Ride Out – eastern end from Maenclochog

Most of this route is also common to the Mavic 80 and Paul Ties 130 routes and in particular will give riders on all three routes a chance to ride the Contintal Tyres Stop-and-Call timed hill climb

Additional Information

Ride Out Date

1. Saturday February 11th, 2. Sunday February 12th, 3. Saturday March 11th, 4. Sunday March 12th, 5. Saturday April 8th, 6. Sunday April 9th, 7. Saturday May 6th, 8. Sunday May 7th